Yahoo Site Explorer - Results not Accurate?

Yahoo Site Explorer has been very reputable in checking backlinks. A lot of webmaster and SEO's believe that it is far better that using Google search in checking backlinks. But recently this tool has given me doubts. I am launching Angelic Directory - the Human Edited SEO Friendly Directory, a new web directory soon and I have already started building its links. Being highly reputable in checking backlinks, I used Yahoo Site Explorer to check how my site was doing in obtaining backlinks. To my surprise the backlink results includes the text advertisement I placed in my signature in Digital Point Forums. This was not a live link at all and it should clearly not be included in the inlinks result. See this:

Click here for Inlinks Results for Angelic

So with this discovery, is it safe to conclude that Yahoo Site Explorer is not accurate?

AIM Competes with the “G”

AIM by AOL is not popular that in all regions of the world but some critics think that AIM Mail is one close competitor of Gmail. These two email service providers provide at least two gigabytes of file storage and the best spam protection features. Gmail may have the upper hand in providing better email service but between the two, AIM provides better instant messaging service. In addition to that, AIM also makes instant messaging more fun by being able to use AIM smileys. There are thousands of free AIM smileys in the internet that can easily be downloaded by any individual. These smileys can added to your conversations and better express your feelings.

Gmail has earned a good reputation in providing free and quality email service but I say, AOL is not that far behind. AOL just needs extensive marketing strategies to have a shot in competing with Google.

DMOZ Opens Door

After more than two months of not accepting of link submissions, DMOZ (Open Directory Project) once again opens its doors. Lots of people have been eagerly waiting for this moment to have a shot at being listed at this directory. Though it takes like forever before your site gets reviewed and be listed here, the return and result is worth it. Being listed here means a sure increase in PR, additional visitors and increase in your site's value. I just submitted a link to DMOZ this day and I am hoping that results will be positive. I've been working on my site really hard and I strongly believe that it's worthy to be listed in DMOZ.

I Just Joined in Technorati

This Blog is just less than a month old and I've done good efforts in promoting it. Today I signed up in Technorati and immediately claimed this blog. As Technorati claims they are a recognized authority on what's happening on the World Live Web right now, I believe this move will increase my blogs popularity and gain more visitors.

I will update my Technorati Profile soon and claim another blog later this day. I'm looking forward to great results regarding this action of mine.

The Google Pagerank Update is Near

I'm very excited for the next Pagerank update to occur. I'm expecting one of my sites, - A directory of House & Lots and Condominiums for Sale in the Philippines, to hit PR4 this time. I hope the results won't upset me this time. My site was already predicted have PR4 before the last update. But to my dismay, it only landed at PR2. But that was not so bad for a new site to increase from PR0 to PR2. There was enough time to build links until the next PR update and feeling depressed over that would not change the results. Life goes on. Anyway, I think I will make it this time. I got a few quality one way PR4 and PR5 links, made some link exchanges, link dropping and a lot of directory submissions. All I can say for now is good luck to us all!